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Fixed Income Bonds to help both Investors and Issuers

March 30, 2016

If you are looking for a potentially reliable source of income for your retirement, then Fixed Income Bonds can be the best choice for your savings. This is a type of bond in which investors lend their money to borrower companies, also known as bond issuers. Those issuers pay a fixed interest rate on the investment (also known as the coupon) until the bond matures. On the date of maturity, the capital amount will be returned to the investors at face value.

Benefits of Investing in Income Bonds:

Protect your Capital Amount: This is the best solution for those nearing retirement. This portfolio of fixed income products can help you earn regularly at less risk. Unlike stocks, your capital amount is secure and will be returned you at the end of the bond period.

Medium to generate Income: This is the best way to earn an income in the future, to strengthen your financial situation and help fulfill your financial needs.

They are available in several types - you are free to select any, according to your personal circumstances. You should be aware that poor financial institutions pay the higher interest rate while strong issuers always pay a lower interest rate.  However, the bond market is diversified and it is always better to take advice from professionals before deciding on which type of investment best suits your circumstances.


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