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Monthly Income Bond: A way to earn an Income after Retirement

June 17, 2016

Who doesn’t want to financially secure their retirement with a regular income? Monthly Income Bonds are the gateway for all those retirees looking for a source of income. They reassure people that there is still an option available to gain an income when there is no job to make ends meet. What type of bond it is and how does it work? If you have the answers to those questions, then you can definitely analyse the benefits of this type of bond.

They are an investment bond which helps investors by offering returns every month on the capital investment. In this type of bond product, investors invest in debt security and get dividends every month. However, there is always a little risk while investing in this type of bond. If you want to earn a good return without taking any big risks, then this bond can benefit you more than investing in stocks.

Some bond provider companies also pay the returns quarterly or annually. You can also reinvest your returns back into the product to earn more. If you are thinking to invest your hard-earned money in a lucrative type of bond, then this is the best option for you. However, thorough research is always mandatory when considering any investment products. Research the bond issuer company and the quality of the bond, and then decide whether to invest or not.

You should also check the creditworthiness of the bond provider company. If the government has associated a company with good ratings for repaying the debt, then you can choose that company to make your investment. There are some standards set by agencies that rate such companies for their creditworthiness. AAA rated bonds are considered as the highest-rated bonds while C or D rating indicates a higher risk is involved.

You should also have good knowledge of income bonds terminology. It can help you better understand your bond and the interest payments which will be paid to you monthly. You can also take financial advice from an independent financial adviser.


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